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Amplify Media

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Amplify Media

Saint Mark's is pleased to provide our parishioners with access to Amplify Media, an online resource with thousands of videos you can use for study, reflection, and growing in faith.


Our Sunday Forum and Small Group studies often incorporate studies that have videos available on Amplify - this way, if you miss a gathering, you won't be left behind!


You can explore the entire content library - whether we're using a given resource or not - at any time.

Videos are available for all ages, and can be accessed on any number of devices (computer, smartphone, tablet, even some Smart TVs and streaming devices!).

If you have questions about how to sign up, please call the parish office at 631.288.2111.

How to Sign Up


  • On that page, enter St. Paul's access code: WMTGSN


  • You will then be prompted to sign up for an account with your own username and password. The church is providing your membership - there's no charge!               


  • Once you've created your account, you can login at anytime to access our content library! You can also download the Amplify App for iOS, Google, and various Smart TV and streaming devices.

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